Your Teacher's Pet Creature Pen Pal Program

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Your Teacher's Pet Creature
 Pen Pal Program

Pen Pal Class Matching for Early Childhood

Here at Your Teacher’s Pet Creature, we do our absolute best to listen to our customers, and the wider ECE community as a whole.

The one thing we hear across the board is how difficult in can be to get a pen pal program that's safe for students up and running. From finding an educator to participate, through to building the resources required. Well we’re glad to announce that we’ve built a solution. 

We’ve created the Young Minds Pen Pal Program to automatically match you with a pen pal locally or a pen pal internationally. We've also put together a printable resource pack to get you started with teaching the basics of letter writing, and your first five letter activities, and it's free for everyone, not just Your Teacher's Pet Creature customers. 

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Here's how it works:

  • Complete the online form we've built here and let us know who you are and who you'd like to be matched with. 

  • Our pen pal matching system will keep an eye out for a match worldwide (based on your preferences) and when it finds one it will email the both of you with the correct contact details.  
  • Not only will we put you in contact, but we will also send you our 26-page pen pal printable resource and activity pack to help get you started with the five different letter writing activities.

There's not really anything other pen pal or letter writing programs for students aimed at early childhood educators and classes, so we hope you love it!


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The Resource Pack

We've designed the printable resource pack to give you all the resources you’ll need to get your pen pal program started successfully. Here's the contents for you:


Printable Permission Slip

Learn The Parts Of A Letter

Labelled Example Letter
Complete The Blanks Activity

Getting To Know You
All About Me Questionnaire - Version 1
All About Me Questionnaire - Version 2

What I Look Like
What I Look Like Letter Activity

Step By Step 
Step By Step - Storyboard Letter

Where I Live 
Where I Live Activity - Global
Where I Live Activity - Australia
Where I Live Activity - United States
Where I Live Activity - United Kingdom
Where I Live Activity - Canada
Where I Live Activity - New Zealand

Questions For Your Pen Pal
Questions For Your Pen Pal Activity Letter

Templates For Open Ended Letter Writing
Dotted Third Printable Blanks

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