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    Classroom Economy Pack - Printable Marketplace with Currency Rewards & Job Cards

    This downloadable Classroom Economy Pack is the most comprehensive printable classroom marketplace you'll find! Complete with a marketplace, currency, job allocations and a wallet that holds both the notes and the reward vouchers, it contains everything you need to run a full classroom economy for the full school year.  

    This Classroom Economy Pack has been designed to encourage positive behaviours in your classroom. This resource can be printed and displayed in your classroom accompanied by Your Teacher’s Pet Creature. Additionally, this resource instills a sense of responsibility and eagerness to participate positively in the classroom and can also be used as an opportunity for teaching children about currency and saving. 

    All resources in this pack come in both full colour and blackline master editions to fit your printing needs. The Reward Cards and the Job Chart and Hello Job Tags are all fully editable so you can customize them for your classroom. This pack can also be adapted for all Early Childhood age groups


    Included in this Classroom Economy Pack - Printable Marketplace with Currency Rewards & Job Cards: 

    • Petbucks Currency – One, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred denominations. There is also an editable version where you can write (or type) the students name onto the currency for better tracking or raffle style draws.  
    • Job Chart – one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve, fourteen and sixteen job layouts included.
    • Hello Job Tags – 7 different colours and 9 different images. Fully editable names within the PDF.
    • Reward Vouchers – 14 different templates included in 6 different colours (plus blackline master editions). Pre-populated options plus fully editable version included.  
    • Marketplace Poster – A4 and A3 size versions included
    • Fold and Glue Wallet – Simple construction fold and glue wallet in 7 different colours, plus blackline master edition. Sized perfectly to hold the Petbucks currency and the reward cards both printed and laminated.


    Using this Classroom Economy - Marketplace & Currency Reward Pack: 

    Pet Bucks

    As your students complete jobs or display positive behaviours in your classroom, they can be rewarded with Petbucks. These will vary depending on the age of your class. 

    Examples of behaviours that could earn petbucks include (but are not limited to):

    • Helping to clean up the classroom
    • Helping a friend
    • Being on task 

    Reward Vouchers

    Once your students have earned enough Petbucks, they may purchase a Reward Voucher. Included in the pack is a series of cards and a marketplace poster. 

    Rewards include “Computer Time”, “Sitting With A Friend”, “Cuddle Time With Your Teacher’s Pet Creature” and many more. Additionally, we’ve included blank templates for you to create your own rewards. 

    Your Teacher’s Pet Market

    We recommend creating an event where students can spend their Pet Bucks, similar to a market. This can be done daily or weekly. 

    When your students purchase a reward voucher they need to cash in their Petbucks and begin earning Pet Bucks again. Your students can decide when they would like to use their reward voucher. 

    Further Ideas

    • If you wish to expand the use of Pet Bucks, include giving students daily jobs where they can earn more. Jobs such as cleaning the whiteboard or tidying the classroom are great examples of this.

    • In this resource, we have also included foldable wallets which your students can fold and glue these as a craft activity and then use them to store their Pet Bucks during the day. This also helps instill a sense of care and responsibility.


    Here’s what other educators are saying about this resource: 


    “Love this whole set! My students are super excited to get to do a class economy and this is the perfect complement to our system.”

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    My Grade One's LOVE the PET!

    MTPC is absolutely amazing!!! My students treat it like the Elf on the Shelf and have respect for the pet in the classroom!!! Works like a CHARM!

    Tiffany Rhinehart

    We love our class pet Joey!!!

    Carly Austin
    Your Teacher's Pet Creature

    Absolutely loving everything to do with "You Teacher's Pet Creature". Could not speak anymore highly of every aspect! Thank you

    Carly Austin
    Your Teacher's Pet Creature

    Absolutely loving everything to do with "You Teacher's Pet Creature". Could not speak anymore highly of every aspect! Thank you