The Double Creature Bundle (2 Purple Packs)


This Teacher's Pet Creature Double Creature Pack contains 2 Plush, 2 Hardcover Books at a discounted price, great value for you and a colleague. 

When children have an understanding of their emotions, and the ability to self-regulate them, it leads to enhanced learning in the classroom and beyond.

This book introduces Your Teacher’s Pet Creature, and the basic concepts around emotions and strategies to regulate them.

When combined with the cute purple plush creature it provides children with a visual aid to assist in thinking through how the Pet Creature feels and reacts. Encouraging children to continually develop their understanding of, and strategies to regulate their own range of emotions and behaviours.

The plush acts as a visual reminder of the learnings and pairs perfectly with the wide range of complimentary resources from posters, to discussion tools through to coping strategies and more.

This is the second book in the Your Teacher’s Pet Creature series, it’s perfect as a standalone pet or as a complimentary resource to our first title “Your Teacher’s Pet Creature – helps with Classroom Guidelines” which is now used in 1000’s of classrooms across the globe.

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Additional Information

Book Size: Approx 24.5cm x 25.5cm

Plush Size: Tuft to Foot approx. 28cm


Included in the Hardcover bundle is the following:

x2 Hardcover Book

x2 Purple Plush


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Customer Reviews

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Yvonne McKenzie
Two Purple Teacher's Pet Creatures welcomed with open arms in Kalbarri

The faces on the students when our 'Fluffy' introduced the 'mailbox' containing two beautiful and fluffy Purple Pet Creatures and the beautiful books brought tears to my eyes. They were so, so happy to see a Purple addition in our class. We had talked about the Purple 'package' for our class to do with emotions / feelings. We are so grateful and have named her Violet. The quality of the pet, the book and the resources is very impressive. The resources provide excellent ideas and materials to introduce in the classroom. Our classroom rewards include brag tags so now we can add the new purple ones as well. We are going to start with 'mindfulness and calming strategies' (breathing techniques / noticing) and the 'zones of regulations' first. We will also use the emotions flash cards and talk about our feelings openly together with our new chaplains. We are hopeful and grateful knowing that Violet and her resources will support us dealing with and getting through times of trauma. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!!!