One of the biggest challenges any educator faces is behaviour management. Your Teacher's Pet Creature was designed specifically to make that challenge easier, so you can spend more time doing the parts of the job that you love.  

The Your Teacher's Pet Creature - Classroom Management is a beautifully illustrated picture book (hardcover) that uses memorable rhyme to introduce the basic classroom management concepts.

When combined with the cute plush designed to sit on a shelf or desk, it becomes the cuddly classroom friend that children love and a visual reminder to encourage positive behaviours. 

Listen To The Book

Want to know more about the book? Listen to the author read it here:

This bundle also includes a wide range of supporting digital resources available in our Classroom Management Mega bundle. With resources such as reward charts, positive behaviour posters and more all designed specially for Early Childhood educators. 

How do we know Your Teacher's Pet Creature works? Because he's being used in thousands of classroom across Australia, North America and The UK, and we're really glad to be able to share it with you. Just check out reviews at the bottom of the page to see what our customers think. 

We know adopting a pet is exciting and you've probably got questions, anything you'd like to know should be below: 

If you have any other questions please see our full FAQ's or reach out. We'd love to help!

Product Dimensions

Book Size: Approx. 24.5cm x 25.5cm
Plush Size: Tuft to Foot approx. 28cm
Bag Size: 45.5cm x 34.5cm

30 Day Change Of Mind Guarantee

We are extremely confident that you will love Your Teacher’s Pet Creature, however, if you don’t find your new cuddly pet creature to be suitable, we do offer a 30-day returns policy, no questions asked. Full T&C's here. 
30 Day Return Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Group Do You Recommend Your Teacher's Pet Creature For?

We recommend it for children ages 3-9, usually kindy through to grade 4. We have had educators use it successfully up to grade 6.

What Behaviour Management Theories Is Your Teacher's Pet Creature Based On

Your Teacher’s Pet Creature was created with some of the leading theories in classroom behaviour management in mind, however we have left it broad enough to fit in with most behaviour theories that encourage positive behaviours, and setting clear expectations.

Is Your Teacher's Pet Creature Compatible with My Existing Classroom Management System or Behaviour Management Plan?

We've created Your Teacher's Pet Creature to be compatible with any behaviour management systems that support encouraging positive behaviours. Systems such as CHAMPS, SWPBS and all other PBS classroom management systems will be compatible.

How Do You Know it’s an Effective Classroom Management Technique?

Your Teacher's Pet Creature has been used in thousands of classrooms across the world to introduce class expectations and procedures. The feedback from teachers has been outstandingly positive, particularly when combined with our classroom posters, and whole class rewards resources.

Is This a Good Behaviour Management Strategy for New Teachers?

Absolutely! We get amazing from feedback from new teachers who have used Your Teacher's Pet Creature to implement their classroom management plan. What better way to meet your new students than to bring your exciting new class pet with you?

The Everything Classroom Management Bundle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Sasha Ridgway
Happy with our creature!

The kids in my class were so excited for the arrival of our pet creature. It was even more fun because he came all the way from Australia and we live in the states. The kids named him Mr. Blueberry and they love to snuggle him (third graders aren’t too big for some snuggles). We also use him as our talking piece during our circle time so whoever has him is the one who has the power to talk while the rest of us have the power to listen. He has been a great addition to our classroom! :)

Teacher Creature - Behaviour

My students love our little Teacher Creature and are especially keen to take him home on the weekend as a reward for positive behaviours in the classroom. They have also been busy making accessories and furniture for him to make him feel at home in the classroom!

Belinda Pace
Amazing resource

Both the classroom and emotional creatures are LOVED by my Kindy class. They make transitioning to big school so easy and fun. Students love interacting, cuddling and learning off them. The parents also love our creatures and refer to them at home when their child is feeling big emotions. Thank you so much

Beautiful story and plush toy

My Prep/One class loved the story of Your Teacher’s Pet. It is easy to read and George Oliver (as named by the children) is beautiful and soft.

Mellissa Fanning
Fun and Cute

This creature makes the classroom fun and kids just love having him around.