When children have an understanding of their emotions, and the ability to self-regulate them, it leads to enhanced learning in the classroom and beyond.

The Your Teacher's Pet Creature - Emotional Regulation book uses beautiful illustrations and memorable rhyming language to introduce your cute class pet, and the basic concepts around emotions and the strategies to regulate them.

When combined with the cute purple plush creature it provides children with a visual aid to assist in thinking through how the Pet Creature feels and reacts and the perfect fluffy companion when your class need some time in the calm corner, or just a friendly cuddle.

Encouraging children to continually develop their understanding of, and strategies to regulate their own range of emotions and behaviours, and that's just what Your Teacher's Pet Creature will do. 

Listen To The Book

Want to know more about the book? Listen to the author read it here:

This cute classroom pet also pairs perfectly with the wide range of emotional regulation resources from posters, to discussion tools through to coping strategies and more.


How do we know Your Teacher's Pet Creature works? Because he's being used in thousands of classroom across Australia, North America and The UK, and we're really glad to be able to share it with you. Just check out reviews at the bottom of the page to see what our customers think. 

We know adopting a pet is exciting and you've probably got questions, anything you'd like to know should be below: 

If you have any other questions please see our full FAQ's or reach out. We'd love to help!

Product Dimensions

Book Size: Approx. 24.5cm x 25.5cm
Plush Size: Tuft to Foot approx. 28cm
Bag Size: 45.5cm x 34.5cm

30 Day Change Of Mind Guarantee

We are extremely confident that you will love Your Teacher’s Pet Creature, however, if you don’t find your new cuddly pet creature to be suitable, we do offer a 30-day returns policy, no questions asked. Full T&C's here. 
30 Day Return Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Group Do You Recommend Your Teacher's Pet Creature For?

We recommend it for children ages 3-9, usually kindy through to grade 4. We have had educators use it successfully up to grade 6.

Is this compatible with my schools current/preferred system for emotional regulation?

Your Teacher’s Pet Creature was developed to be the perfect complement to many of the leading programs. While we've deliberately kept it broad, but it is designed to work perfectly with any system you use such as Zones Of Regulation and other similar programs.

Will this help me teach a growth mindset with my students?

While the book itself doesn’t deal with growth mindset concepts, we do have a range of resources to assist with teaching this concept, that tie in perfectly with the classroom pet.

How Do You Know it’s effective for teaching emotional regulation in the classroom?

Your Teacher's Pet Creature has been used in thousands of classrooms across the world to introduce emotional self regulation and calming strategies. The feedback from teachers has been outstandingly positive, particularly when combined with our emotional awareness and mindfulness resources.

We currently teach Zones Of Regulation, is this compatible?

It certainly is. From the colours used in the book, through to the extra resources that we’ve created this classroom pet has been designed to be a great addition to your Zones Of Regulation curriculum.

The Everything Emotional Regulation Bundle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Bridget King
Highly engaging

My class love their teacher's pet. She has really helped them think about what emotions they have and what they can do.


We do homeschool and we have a class pet but decided to welcome a new friend for him to help out too. The kids LOVE her! We have the emotional regulation creature right now, pre-ordered/waiting on the social set to add in as well, and I definitely recommend it for a classroom of any kind!

Kath Smith
Awesome product

After purchasing our little emotional friend (nicknamed 'Bo) we are eager to purchase his social twins, to be named. This is a terrific, well thought out, customisable resource. Thank you for such an amazing, quality product that will help our children develop their emotional resilience (an identified area of need through the AEDC).

Anthea Goodwin
Emotional Regulation Pet Bundle.

I'm loving the effect our new pet is having on our kindy room! Plus the digital bundle is so adaptable and easy to use. Such an amazingly well thought out resource.

Shannon Harvie
I’m excited to introduce my creature to my students!

I’m very impressed with the quality of my purple creature, the accompanying book and pdf materials that I purchased to support my preppies’ wellbeing! My colleagues are also impressed and are considering purchasing also - I just KNOW my students are going to love our creature and that they will enjoy learning about regulating their emotions as part of our values studies. This is especially important for these students, many of whom can’t remember life before COVID. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource, well done!