Teacher's Pet Creature - Classroom Behaviour Managment tool
Teacher's Pet Creature - Classroom Behaviour Managment tool strategie
Teacher's Pet Creature -  Classroom behaviour management plan
Teacher's Pet Creature -  Classroom behaviour management strategie

Your Teacher's Pet Creature Book & Plush

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One of the biggest challenges any educator faces is classroom behaviour management. Your Teacher's Pet Creature was designed specifically to make that challenge easier, so you can spend more time doing the parts of the job that you love.  

More specifically Your Teacher's Pet Creature is a 32 page beautifully illustrated picture book (available in Hardcover or E-book) and a cute plush toy for introducing behaviour guidelines in an early childhood environment. It becomes the cuddly classroom friend that children love and a visual reminder to encourage positive behaviours. 

We've also developed a wide range of supporting resources available in our Classroom Management Mega bundle. With resources such as reward charts, positive behaviour posters and more all designed specially for Early Childhood educators. 

How do we know Your Teacher's Pet Creature works? Because he's being used on hundreds of classroom across Australia, North America and The UK, and we're really glad to be able to share it with you. 

Want more info on the book? Listen to a live reading here:  

If you have any other questions please reach out. We'd love to hear from you. 


Additional Information

Book Size: Approx 24.5cm x 25.5cm

Plush Size: Tuft to Foot approx. 28cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
The kids love it

Kids were all so attentive and keen to show desired behaviours and positive attitudes.

So cute, cuddly and a great teaching resource

Such a great concept and fantastic quality. Our little guy is getting lots of love and attention in my class. The book is well thought out and associtated resources brilliant.

Jeremy our PBL mascot

So soft and fluffy, very adorable. A big hit with the school. Year 6 think he is cool.

1st Grade Teacher's Pet

I just received my order and I am extremely happy with it. I can't wait to share and introduce it to my class. The plush toy is so cute and soft! The book has beautiful illustrations and is so kid friendly! I can't wait to print and laminate so many on the electronic Classroom Management Mega Bundle items I received. I would highly recommend this product!


My order arrived yesterday and I’m so excited to introduce him to the class. The plush toy is fantastic quality and so cute and the book is beautiful written and a great way to introduce the pet to the class. Amazing product, fantastic price and really fast delivery for the distance travelled. Would highly recommend.