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    I love this product and so do my students. My son loves it as well! It was a great purchase and has multiple wonderful resources involved with it.

    Triple Creature Bundle (Classroom Management, Emotional Regulation & Social Skills)

    Give Me Five Poster
    Tina Griffiths
    Great VIsual

    I have this on my main board in my classroom and our behaviour expectation just so happens to be "prepared and ready to learn'. How do we do this? We refer to the poster and it has worked a treat!

    Teachers Pets

    The children have adored the books and pets as part of laying the foundations for the start of the school year. I’ve love the resources and have used the posters in my values education lessons.

    Can’t wait to start!

    I have my pet ready and waiting for the start of the new school year in one weeks time! 👏🏼👏🏼

    It is great thank you

    Perfect for what we need thank you.

    We haven’t gone back to school as yet but really love what we received and are looking forward to using the package on our return.

    Rose’s new best friend - not just for school!

    Our 6 yo loved her class’s pet so much, we bought her “Blueberry” for Christmas. Now Blueberry goes with Rose wherever she goes, and we all couldn’t be happier. And since we got Blueberry a week before Christmas, my husband & I enjoyed having Blueberry around the house, too! (without the kids).

    My husband & I have considered ordering more for ourselves, even - they just cheer us up so much!

    Social Skills Mega Bundle
    Patricia Gates

    The kids are loving it!

    YTPC Helps With Classroom Management - Hardcover - (IMPERFECT)

    Received and they are great! Shipping was quick and they are better than expected

    Loving this!

    I bought this to help in my classroom and my students absolutely love it. We went through the process of naming it and that really helped my students feel connected to it. I hung some of the posters in my "calming zone" and they love how it connects to the pet. It was an easy buy in for my students and well worth it. I shared it was a few teammates and they loved the idea behind it as well. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful resource!

    Perfect home for Sprinkle Toes

    My class love the carry bag to keep Sprinkle toes safe and sound when travelling between families. It’s very sturdy and a great size :)


    My preschool children loved the new ‘great listening’ stamp and I love that it had a phrase that was age appropriate and targeted to 3-5 year olds (not just homework based)

    Kindergarten Kindness

    My kindergarten students absolutely LOVE their pet. They give it a little hug when missing their family or feeling out of the green zone. It really helps them!

    Great classroom management incentive!

    My class named our creature Fluffy! The kids are so excited about him as our class pet and love to “feed” him marbles. It’s great!


    My kids love the stamp that looks like our class pet and get excited when I use it!

    Classroom Mangement Hardcover Book & Plush Bundle - (IMPERFECT)
    Christina haggard
    Such a great value

    Creature and book are both of exceptional quality. My students will soon learn all about their new buddies and begin our kindness tasks.

    My class loves it

    My teachers pet is a hit with my students. Since the pandemic we have a lot more kids with emotional management problems and boy does this help. My students and I made a place for our pet in the room and they just love to take it with them when they are having a rough day. They even give her a ride on the tricycles and scooters on the playground it’s wonderful.

    Awesome Bundle

    I love the Classroom Management and Emotional Regulation Bundles! My students love the little creatures and I love how they help my students take responsibility for following classroom rules and managing their emotions I highly recommend these bundles. You will NOT be disappointed with this purchase!

    Our classroom pets

    The kids love the pets we adopted and look forward to doing lessons with them!

    Wonderful investment

    My students love our pet Jelly Bean !!

    Exceeded Expectations

    I absolutely LOVED the class management bundle! I didn’t expect for there to be so many resources included and so many different variations of them. I cannot wait to use them with my students and create an inviting and safe environment for them!

    Mr Chomps Friends!

    I purchased the triple pet bundle along with the digital support materials and absolutely love them! They are adorable, the books have great messages and the digital support material not only supports the pets, it ties in nicely with our IB Units of Inquiry. I have had a class room friend named Mr. Chomp who is a box with a silly monster face and he leaves digital messages for the class about classroom Management, Feelings and Social Skills. Mr. Chomp can not wait to introduce his "friends/cousins" to the class!

    Great resource.

    Working in early intervention, this resource has been such a huge asset in my therapy sessions! Every teacher should own one of these.


    I absolutely love this and cannot wait to share this with my 2nd graders in August!