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Love Your Work!

I love everything about your products- the theme, quality, functionality and delivery! Thank you

Hand Puppet purple

This product is great quality! My students are going to love it!

Cutest Classroom Pet.

I am super excited to introduce our class pet to the class this year. I am super impressed with the resources and the quality of materials.

Excellent resource

Cannot wait to use this in my class, excellent bundle, everything included, quality of toy is impressive 👌

Awesome Products

I can't wait to use my new stickers in 2022, fantastic quality and value for money. Now to hide them from my children so I get to use them at work. 😊

Very thorough package

A birthday calendar would be great

YTPC - Classroom Guidelines Book & Plush Bundle

You’re a star stamp

So cute kids love it!

Classroom favourite

My class love my 2 pet creatures. They had so much fun naming them and want to make them proud with their choices.

Purple drawstring bag

Purple is my favourite colour, so how could I not purchase it! The bag feels lush to the touch, and is well made so it will survive the rough and tumble of little kids. Oh and I also bought the blue drawstring bag lol - well I can't have one Pet Creature without a bag of their own.

Lovely addition to all of the Teacher's Pet Creature Resources

Great Classroom Management resource that I will add to my TPC classroom for next year. Love the image choices as well.

Great Resource to include in the Classroom TPC Theme

Great resource for the start of next year to introduce each pet and myself!

Hand Puppet - Purple
Yvonne McKenzie
Beautifully crafted, soft and gorgeous hand puppet

So excited and can't wait to introduce the hand puppets to the class in the new year. A beautifully crafted, very soft cuddly and gorgeous hand puppet. Well done!

Great teachers gift

I purchased the teachers pet for my sons teacher. She absolutely loved it and said it will be a fantastic aid in her classroom. The book and soft toy were well made and I’m sure it will be well used next year for her new year 1 students.

Emotional Regulation Hardcover Book & Plush Bundle - (IMPERFECT)

Great stamps

Stamps are perfect in size. Ink stays on well. I have indigenous ones as well. Will continue purchasing other products.

Cute and interactive

My special needs kids love My Teacher’s Pet, especially the story.

Plush and book. -emotional regulation

Book and and plush came in a box that the students can decorate as a home. Well packaged and the book fits in so well into our zones of regulation. Can’t wait to use it next year with my new group of students.

Planning ahead

Making emotional regulation a major focus for for my kinder group next year and thought a class friend could help…These resources look amazing-can’t wait to see what a difference they will make to my children.

Fun and Cute

This creature makes the classroom fun and kids just love having him around.

Great Product, Great Service

Im very happy with my purchase of Your Teachers Pet, I purchased both pets and my FDC children love them so much already. The resource pack is great and has everything you need for a classroom display to implement the program.

My Grade One's LOVE the PET!

MTPC is absolutely amazing!!! My students treat it like the Elf on the Shelf and have respect for the pet in the classroom!!! Works like a CHARM!

Emotional Regulation Dragon

I am very amazed at how well the techniques and resources have worked. My youngest has autism and is not very well in tune with his emotions. After the dragon magically appeared he has been verbalising his emotions and its beautiful to see him opening up. He has done traditional therapy but this has worked wonders already. Its nice to get an insight into my sons mind when i hear him whispering his worries to his dragon


A perfectly sized stamp with an easy to read message.
A quality product that was received so quickly in the post.
I highly recommend that every teacher should have a set in their classroom.
Students love them, teachers love them & the parents love them!!!