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    CHAMPS Posters for the Classroom - Upper & Lower Primary - PDF & Editable Format

    Amazing Product

    Always great, quick and reliable packaging and postage. Children were so excited to get it. I hope you bring more out

    Making Great Choices stamp

    A great teaching aid to catch positive class behaviour...children just love to have a stamp on the back of their hand to share with their parents 😀

    Green and Orange plush pair

    We have only introduced the blue pet so far. The bundle was great. Kidd are still writing letters to 'Mr. Fluffy' daily. We are due to introduce the purple/emotional one next week.

    Crazy for teachers pet

    My class loves our teachers pet, they have been wanting a class pet and I used this as their opinion writing piece, they had to write why they should get a class pet. They were so excited for this writing activity and love that we now have a class pet


    The Pet creature has helped regulate my grade 3’s emotions and they have been able to identify what emotion they are feeling. I often see our classroom Per Creature on a desk, in someone’s arms or getting spoken to.

    Great product

    My students love our pet and love to talk to her every day

    Waiting with Anticipation

    Hi. I have bought two lots during the holidays so excited to use it. One for a peer who has wished for it since graduating and one for myself. Going to start the year off grand. I bought mine who is going to a music room so therefore called Maestro. He also now has his own cane pet (doll) chair where he can sit and observe.


    Great for homeroom classrooms/struggling how to use ind for counseling

    I absolutely love this addition to my classroom!

    My students loved the book! They asked to read it all the time!!

    My students adore our Teachers Pet.
    After a lot of suggestions, our blue friends name is, “ Fuzzy”

    My students love stickers, and these were perfect

    My students absolutely loved our friend that we have in our classroom! They love the stickers and everything else. The book was delightful.

    The kids love my pet creature!

    Not only do the children love him, they make great choices throughout the week to try for their chance to take Xavier (the creature) home for an adventure. We are a small childcare center and this system works beyond classroom behavior management, my center ages 2-12 years are all engaged! I highly recommend this system!

    Great name tags!

    These desk name tags are fantastic! They are easy to edit and have the information I needed for my kindergarten students. The student have found them easy to use.


    The kids love! We named him Stitch!


    Hi! The pet creature has been amazing the kids love it and make her Luna I would love for you to see some pics

    classroom pets

    we love our creatures they are really helping with emotions and making the kids so happy

    They love it!

    My students knew that our class pet will be a toy but they still love it and sometimes believe that they’re moving around when not watching!


    I would give Creature 100 stars if I could! My students absolutely love him and his book. They all remind each other that creature is watching and we need to be kind it is so sweet to watch. My classroom management has never be better! I contexted our pet to an existing digital system and the transition was so seamless! One class had a night and day difference in behavior when we learned about creature. We also made a creature corner for our pets to live.