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Pet Creature, stickers, and stamps

My students love our pet creature and love seeing him on their papers when I use the stamps and look forward to getting the stickers! I’m in the United States and it was a rush of excitement for my third graders to receive a package from Australia! “Mr. Blueberry” is a staple is our classroom!

Class Pet

I am so excited to use this furry friend with my first graders! ♥️

Class Pet

I can’t wait to use this in my classroom when school starts back August 18th. I think it will be very useful for my second grade classroom.

Love these!

They are so soft! These will be a perfect addition to my one-on-one or small group sessions with my students when school resumes! I received the digital bundles to go with them and I am working on laminating them and getting them ready for use this fall.

Awesome product

The book is adorable and the creature is soft and perfect for kids!

Name Tags

Will use then next school year. Can't wait. The students are loving the new pets and seeing them around the room in different places.

Your Teacher Pet Creature-Social Skills Bundle

My students love our new Teacher Pet Creature! The orange and green friends help my students develop their social skills and a better understand of how to be a kind friend. This is so critical in a first grade classroom. The bundle includes stories, activities and posters to use in the classroom. The quality of the book and creatures is wonderful and I highly recommend!


My kindergarten class love this resource, they refer to the poster to assist with self-regulation regularly, and the poster is on display above our pet creature in his special chair along with the 5 L's of listening poster.

Social and Emotional skills

This is a great resource. Still exploring them but so far so good. The resources are visually appealing and suitable for a range of ages.

Awesome bundle!

So much great stuff in it! Can’t wait for my creature to come and put in play in my class.

Furry Creature Friends ROCK IT in Kindergarten!

Students love taking our monsters home each Friday night for pajama party weekends. It is a wonderful reward! They have a small journal to write all about their adventures too! It is a great show and share time for Monday mornings! Parents are simply amazed at the connection the children have with these creatures. They are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Social Skills Mega Bundle
Tammy Brookbank

Social Skills Mega Bundle

Great quality

I haven't got to use these yet (thanks Covid) but I'm super impressed with the quality :)

Fantastic product!

As a parent of a child with emotional regulation difficulties and as a behavioural therapist in my own right, this product has exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may have use for it. The pet is cute and cuddly, different in a good way. The book is interesting and engaging, covering lots of topics in a clear and sensitive manner. Just fantastic!

Highly recommended

As a parent of a child with emotional regulation difficulties, this is the product that I have been looking for! The resources are great, can be utilised at home or school and can be printed over and over so that there is no need to worry about them being lost or damaged. Would definitely recommend!

My new pets

My class and I love our new friends. We are still thinking of names for our orange and green friends. Rainbow, our blue friend was so excited to meet his new pals. My class of 3 year olds, love looking the book and are working very hard on working together.


Awesome friends to help me teaching children emotion regulations and social skills in my private practice! Love it!!!

My students love the pets. It’s such a helpful tool in my classroom

Fabulous resource!

Our class is very excited to have our pet creature! It is really helping ALL of the students think about the strategies they can use to help them at school!

Nothing Scary Here!

Perfect fun for K kids! Kids loved taking their furry monster home for a weekend adventure! We added a journal for them to write in too! Parents raved! The home connection truly has come to life! I’ve ordered the social ones for my year ahead! Love them! Everyone just loves these monsters!

Happy with our creature!

The kids in my class were so excited for the arrival of our pet creature. It was even more fun because he came all the way from Australia and we live in the states. The kids named him Mr. Blueberry and they love to snuggle him (third graders aren’t too big for some snuggles). We also use him as our talking piece during our circle time so whoever has him is the one who has the power to talk while the rest of us have the power to listen. He has been a great addition to our classroom! :)

Highly engaging

My class love their teacher's pet. She has really helped them think about what emotions they have and what they can do.

Amazing idea and quality to make anyone smile

The communication, service and quality of all products is amazing. They hit the mark in every way- well thought out stories, quality soft toys which have been welcomed with such y class.

Great resource

I have found the resources well developed and great for introducing the topics to children. They are well loved within the classroom and very easy for the children to understand


Love my pet