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    Classroom Management Growing Mega Bundle

    Emotional Regulation Book & Class Pet Bundle
    Suzanne Niezgodzki
    Very helpful with our SPED students

    This tool has come in handy many times. I am a school social worker and work very closely with our self-contained classes/students. I have singly used this tool as well as teachers using it in their classroom and they are grateful for this!


    Really cute! can't wait to use it :)

    Emotional Regulation Book & Class Pet Bundle
    Kathleen Veitch
    Emotional Regulation

    My son had taken to school to help with his emotions and the teacher read the book to the entire class and they loved it.. I recommend buying from yous again A+++++++

    Classroom Guidelines Book & Class Pet Bundle
    Mery Martinez
    My students love it!

    The students name it and love to spend time with him ♥️😊

    I’ll review when I receive my order.

    I haven’t gotten my order yet. I’m waiting patiently.

    Mr. Blue

    My Kindergarteners name our pet creature Mr. Blue. They loved the story and him as well. He is a wonderful asset to our family classroom. I’m hoping to order more stamps to add to our collection soon. ♥️

    Double Creature Bundle (Classroom Management and Emotional Regulation)
    Brittney Singleton
    Love them!!!

    They are so cute and you can do so much with them! The students are obsessed and love decorating the box they came in. It is a big hit in our kindergarten room!

    The Everything Classroom Management Bundle
    Caitlin Mason
    1st Year Teacher life saver!

    I am a first year teacher and this really helped me with classroom management!

    So much fun for preschoolers

    Im excited to used this in my preschool class all year!

    Everything is fantastic!

    I ordered the teacher creature bundle and custom stamps as well as several Downloads. I am so so pleased with everything and I can’t wait to use it all with my students this year!
    Thank you!

    Great Addition

    My Pet Creature will be a great addition to my classroom.

    My students are in LOVE with “Violet Bloom Rose” and all the things that she helps them with! They are totally obsessed with everything they see with “Violet” on it. Thank you so much Your Teacher’s Pet Creature!

    Kindergarten 1st year Teacher

    I purchased the combo pack of creatures not knowing what grade I would be teaching. When arrived my 6 year old triplets were so excited to read and snuggle them they are telling all their friends at summer school all about them. As I transition from Parents As Teacher Educator to Kindergarten I know my class is going to love to make our class creatures proud of their hard work☺️💕

    The Everything Emotional Regulation Bundle
    Amy-Leigh Camilleri
    Revolutionary product

    My stage 1 students have been struggling with emotions and building resilience but since implemented this it has been life changing! Students have be able to regulate themselves and communicate when something has upset them or caused them distress!
    Really been a game changer!

    Pre-Inked Teacher Stamp

    Great products!! I am a First Grade Teacher and I am very pleased with my products (Pre-Inked Teacher Stamps). My students truly enjoyed seeing the encouraging words on their assignments!! ❤️❤️

    Ms. Tanda Henderson

    Social Skills Book & Class Pet Bundle
    Emily Haarmann

    My 5th graders LOVE their pet creature! Great incentivizer and helps so much with empathy:)

    Amazing and fun

    My kids love this stuffed animal. Such a great incentive for them!

    Classroom Guidelines Book & Class Pet Bundle
    Angela Brand

    This is so cute! I’m really hoping this will help with the behavior issues we are having in my classroom.

    Caught Being Kind

    My year 3/4 class absolutely love this. The banner is bright and colourful and super cute.

    Emotional Regulation Book & Class Pet Bundle
    Emotional Regulation creature and book bundle

    This is a great tool to use to help young ones become more aware and in control of their emotions. This has been a positive tool within the classroom to which the children have responded really well too.

    My teacher pet creature

    My prep students use our teacher pet creature 'penny' to help them calm down. She gets many cuddles through out the day. She also sends the kids photos throughout the holidays

    Triple Creature Bundle (Classroom Management, Emotional Regulation & Social Skills)
    Rebecca Darrow

    I love this product and so do my students. My son loves it as well! It was a great purchase and has multiple wonderful resources involved with it.

    Triple Creature Bundle (Classroom Management, Emotional Regulation & Social Skills)

    Triple Creature Bundle (Classroom Management, Emotional Regulation & Social Skills)

    Give Me Five Poster
    Tina Griffiths
    Great VIsual

    I have this on my main board in my classroom and our behaviour expectation just so happens to be "prepared and ready to learn'. How do we do this? We refer to the poster and it has worked a treat!