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    by Katrina Harte February 06, 2022 3 min read

    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) includes the processes we use in order to understand their emotions and the emotions of others. Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), state that the five core components of SEL include:


    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Skills
    • Responsible Decision-Making

    People who are able to master the five core components are generally more successful, more approachable and more likely to have good mental wellness. We've collated some of the best TED talks on the topic for you here. 

    If you're looking to implement an easy to use Social Emotional program in your Early Childhood classroom the please check out our Emotional Regulation Classroom Pet.

    Here are 5 of the best TED talks for Social Emotional Learning:


    1. Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix - Tasha Eurich


    Tasha Eurich defines self-awareness as “the ability to see ourselves clearly. To understand who we are, how others see us, and how we fit into the world”. Worryingly, in her study she found that only 10-15 percent of people are actually self-aware. In this gripping talk she shatters one of the most well known beliefs about self-awareness as she challenges us to reflect on how we reflect. I won’t ruin it for you! Go and watch for yourself!


    2. How to avoid catching prickly emotions from other people - Jessica Garza


    Jessica Garza is a speaker, author and transformational coach. In her TED talk she speaks about how when we are highly susceptible to other people's emotions, it can greatly affect our own feelings and actions in the workplace and at home. How well we are able to regulate our emotions depends on how susceptible we are to ‘emotional contagion’. I love her analogy she calls the ‘jumping cholla effect’, to explain emotional contagion and how it can impact you. After watching this you will walk away with four strategies that will help you regulate your mood, be aware of your feelings, and avoid being pulled by the emotions of others. 


    3. We're experiencing an empathy shortage, but we can fix it together - Jamil Zaki


    In this TED talk, Jamil Zaki discusses empathy as the ability to share and understand what another person is going through. But he warns that we are rapidly decreasing in empathy as a human race. Does that mean all hope is lost? Can we develop in our empathy? Is it something that we either have or don’t have? Watch now to find out!


    4. How literature can help us develop empathy - Beth Ann Fennelly


    Again we hear about our decreasing empathy, in fact, today’s students are 40% less empathetic than those in the past. In Beth Ann Fennelly’s engaging talk, she proposes that reading literature makes us more empathetic. That when we read we practice making decisions that have consequences. She proposes that reading literature educates our emotional intelligence and improves our social awareness. Her very compelling ideas are well worth considering. If you’re a high school English teacher, this would be a perfect introduction to your course.


     5. The gift and power of emotional courage - Susan David


    Psychologist Susan David discusses the need for emotional agility in order to be resilient and thrive, while also identifying that “rigidity in the face of complexity is toxic”. She boldly addresses the problem with society’s relentless push for positivity and labels it as cruel and unkind. In this very raw and truthful talk, you will be left to reconsider your own emotional agility. Don’t watch this if you aren’t ready to be challenged!



    Social emotional learning is essential for students as well as adults. Building our capacity in our social emotional learning will benefit multiple areas of our lives. 

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    This post was guest-written by Katrina Harte of The Animated Teacher Blog. Katrina is a multi-award winning educator from Sydney, Australia who specialises in creating resources that support teachers and engage students. Visit her website now for awesome teacher resources, lesson ideas and top tips for teachers.

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