Your Teacher's Pet Creature - Brand Updates

  • 4 Great Ideas For Introducing Your Teacher’s Pet Creature In The Classroom

    Introducing your new class pet is usually the most exciting part, so we've put together a few ideas for you on how to maximise the fun
  • Creating The Creature - The Evolution of Your Teacher's Pet Creature

    “With his puppy-like tail and his cute piggy ears,
    this creature will listen to you and your peers.
    With his fluffy blue fur and his owl-like eyes,
    you’ll agree his appearance is quite a surprise!”
  • So Many Shades of Blue - Creating The Plush

    It would be safe to say there were a lot of challenges when it came to getting the Your Teacher’s Pet Creature Plush to be everything, we wanted it to be. It took four different manufacturers, multiple designs and about 50 different shades of blue before we got something that we knew you would love.
  • Meet The Team Behind Your Teacher's Pet Creature

    So here we are, a writer, a teacher and a teeny tiny product tester. That’s us, the small family team behind creating Your Teacher’s Pet Creature.