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    by Maria Denholm 3 min read

    Your Teacher's Pet Creature is a cute, engaging and effective way for managing classroom guidelines and introducing your new class pet is usually the most exciting part, so we've put together a few ideas for you on how to maximise the fun. 

    1. Guess What Our Pet Looks Like

    One of the most popular ways to introduce Your Teacher’s Pet Creature can be done before you even begin reading the book. We really love this activity as it gets those creative minds flowing at the beginning of the year.

    The idea here is to get the class excited by the concept of the new classroom pet, by giving them some descriptive clues about what Your Teacher’s Pet Creature looks like, taken from the book they can then have a go at drawing what he looks like.

    This doubles as a great activity to start off the student's Adventure Book, which is part of our Classroom Management Mega Bundle. 

    The descriptive clues include:

    You can download the free worksheet here (blue and purple versions included) for this activity if you’d like.


    Guess what our class pet looks like worksheet

    2. Naming and Adoption Certificate

    As you will probably already know the book gives your class the opportunity to name Your Teacher’s Pet Creature. One of the cutest ways we’ve seen to really build that connection with their new class pet is to stop at this part of the book and get the whole class involved with the process.

    Included in our Classroom Management Mega Bundle (among a bunch of other great resources) is an adoption certificate. This is a great place to record his new name. Fun Tip – It can be printed in A3 or A4 and displayed on the classroom door or on a notice board to show that you're a Your Teacher's Pet Creature classroom. 


    Please reach out and let us know what you named him! We would really love to hear these.

    3. The Shy Pet

    I really like this as an approach as it builds the excitement for the class. When reading the book and introducing the concept behind Your Teacher’s Pet Creature, you can talk to the kids about how shy Your Teacher’s Pet Creature is.

    This helps build the personality of your new classroom pet but also allows you to introduce the plush over a few days. Maybe you hide him and just have his cute little ears poking out, or perhaps he hides his cute face behind the leaf of the plant on your desk. Maybe he just appears after the kids have settled into their new class. The options are endless with this one.

    4. The Name Vote

    This is a really popular option, particularly because it links directly back to the book.

    "So now that you’ve met,
    there’s one thing left to do:

    Teacher’s Pet needs a name,
    something special from you."

    Getting the students to all come up with and vote for the namge of their new pet creature is a great way to help them bond immediately. There's a few ways this can be done but if you'd like them we've created some voting cards as part of our digital resource pack (look in the adventure pack resources bundle).

    Does your Pet Creature only appear once he's got a name? I like to think so. 

    Whichever way you decide to introduce Your Teacher’s Pet Creature into your classroom we really look forward to hearing about it. If you haven’t already, please head over and join our Facebook Community to share your exciting introduction and get other ideas from teachers all over the globe.