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    by Maria Denholm 1 min read

    Did you know Your Teacher’s Pet Creature has a PO Box where your students can send letters and drawings to?

    We love nothing more than receiving the amazing letters and drawings from your students, it really makes our day. If you and your students would like to send something through to us, we have a template available for download or feel free to use your own.

    Download The Letter Template Here

    We aim to get back to 100% of classrooms that write to us, and we hope to continue to achieve that. If there's anything specific you'd like us to cover in a reply just slip is a little note with your students letters!

    Finally, we will often share the correspondence on our social media so if you'd like to be tagged please include any relevant social handles. 


    Any correspondence can be sent through to the following address: 

    Your Teacher’s Pet Creature

    PO Box 3732

    Success WA 6964

    If sending by post doesn't work for you feel free to scan and email the letters to us at info@yourteacherspetcreature.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you!