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    Positive Reward Sticker Pack - Purple

    These high-quality, gloss stickers come with all 10 unique designs included in the one pack. With a totaling 150 stickers in all, they are a great way to provide a reward for positive behaviours all year round.

    They have been designed to work alongside the rest of the Your Teacher's Pet Creature resources to encourage a positive classroom environment. 

    Designs Include: 

    Your Teacher's Pet Creature Thumbs Up 
    - Your Teachers Pet Creature Hugging
    - Beautiful Breathing
    - Calm Creature
    - Emotionally Aware
    - Fantastic Feelings
    - Feelings Guru
    - Great Mindset
    - Ready To Learn
    - You're In The ZONE 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Claire Haberfield

    I am so excited to introduce this pet into our classroom. Having a class of Foundation students that have spent the last two years in the Covid world I have noticed a vast decrease in their resilience and ability to emotionally regulate. This will give me the opportunity to explicitly teach and reinforce emotional regulation. 🙏

    Jasmine de Jong
    Awesome Products

    I can't wait to use my new stickers in 2022, fantastic quality and value for money. Now to hide them from my children so I get to use them at work. 😊

    Yvonne McKenzie
    'These Stickers are Top Quality and just The Best'

    The actual review from my students! We love the 'Fluffy' Stickers and now we have 'Violet' Stickers too. The students earn these stickers either with 10 brag tags within each term or when we do special activities focused on either classroom management, emotions / feelingsor on a positive behaviour focus point. These stickers are nice and big, very good quality and the students work really hard to earn them. We highly recommend purchasing these stickers and incorprating them in your classroom! They are 'Just the Best'!

    Robyne Plautz

    The stickers are great, a wanted reward resource so therefore we are gaining a higher achievement chart. Excellent.