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    Noise O Meter - Noise Level Management & Visual Volume Tracker Tool

    You will absolutely love our super popular Noise ‘O’ Meter, a noise level management and visual volume tracker tool for your classroom. This resource includes four Noise ‘O’ Meter variations featuring numbers and pictures to depict each of the levels in an age-appropriate way for your students. Once your learners are familiar with each of the levels, you will find this noise level management and visual volume tracker tool to be an absolute game changer in your classroom.


    What's Included in this Noise Level Management & Visual Volume Tracker Tool:

    • 4 x Noise ‘O’ Meter Charts including variations with numbers and/or pictures
    • 5 x Arrows of differing designs
    • Teacher Guide


    Ways to use this is the classroom: 

    • As a whole class look at the different noise levels on the poster.

    • Explain what is expected at each of the levels and practice / roleplay the different noise levels altogether.

    • Once the poster has been laminated and the arrow hand has been attached, it can be placed in an ideal spot in your classroom.

    • Move the arrow hand according to the level of noise you require in your classroom as a visual reminder for your children.

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