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    Calming Strategies Toolbook

    This calming strategies toolbook will encourage your class to use a variety of strategies to help when expressing their emotions. This resource can be made for every student or just for those who may require assistance with expressing themselves. It can be kept on their desk for easy access during the day.

     Implementation Ideas/Suggestions

    • Print and laminate all the pages and cut out the square emotions and strategies.

    • Either yourself or the students can place the strategies with the correct emotions using velcro dots.

    • Throughout the day the students can select the emotion card they are feeling and attach it to the front cover.

    • Then they can select one or two strategy cards to help them to get back on task.

    • Different strategies can be selected each day for some variety. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Amber E
    The BEST emotional regulation tool

    I have a student in my class who often gets emotional (upset/stressed/nervous) about a lot of things. When this happens she would come talk to me about it and we could come up with a solution. After providing her with the calming strategies toolkit, she now is in control of how she can manage her emotions. This has given her a lot more independence and has helped her classroom learning.

    I put the toolkit on a keyring and put the strategies (which have velcro on them) in a plastic bag. She uses the velcro to stick the strategies onto what she can do to manage her emotions.

    It is a great tool for emotional students in the classroom! 10/10 would recommend!!