This document includes two versions. An individual version and a group version. It includes thirty different sheets to encourage children to think positively about the day ahead. Each sheet includes a positive affirmation, a kindness challenge, the gratitude corner, a mindful moment and a calming activity. These can be completed each day or just once a week. The group version can be displayed on your smartboard and completed as a whole class. 

Implementation Ideas/Suggestions

  • Provide each child with one activity sheet to place on their table.
  • These should ideally be provided in the morning for the children to complete when they arrive to class.
  • Each child can either circle or colour the emotion they are feeling at the top of the page.
  • Each child can then complete their sheet as needed throughout the day.
  • They are encouraged to complete their “kindness challenge” during the day and the “gratitude corner” at the end of the day to reflect on how their day went.
  • If needed the children can use the “mindful moment” or “calming activity” during the day too.
  • These sheets can be collected at the end of each day to reflect/further support each child.
  • The group version can be completed using the smartboard as a whole group in the mornings. 

This resource makes up part of the overall Your Teacher’s Pet Creature Emotional Regulation approach to introducing self-regulation skills. While it works great on its own we always recommend pairing it with a Your Teacher's Pet Creature and our other related resources.

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