If you feel like your classroom is a great home for the runt of the litter, the forgotten ones or the outcasts then maybe this imperfect bundle is for you! These Pet Creature bundles may have stitching imperfections or printing issues. 

These imperfections do not affect the functionality of the book or the Pet Creature, however some may be more noticeable than others. Some examples can be seen in the pictures below.

For these minor imperfections you are receiving 40% off the normal price!

*Limited number available.

The Your Teacher's Pet Creature - Emotional Regulation book uses beautiful illustrations and memorable rhyming language to introduce your cute class pet, and the basic concepts around emotions and the strategies to regulate them.

When combined with the cute purple plush creature it provides children with a visual aid to assist in thinking through how the Pet Creature feels and reacts and the perfect fluffy companion when your class need some time in the calm corner, or just a friendly cuddle.

Encouraging children to continually develop their understanding of, and strategies to regulate their own range of emotions and behaviours, and that's just what Your Teacher's Pet Creature will do. 

Imperfection Examples

Book Imperfections

In most of the books, the imperfections are only very minor and vary between the books. They might include minor markings to the front cover or inside pages or minor indentations/markings to the spine or hardcover or pages may have a minor tear mark due to pages being slightly stuck together.


Plush imperfections

The plush imperfections can include different coloured stitching in places, missing a tuft or minor hole or black marks. 



Bundle Contents

x1 YTPC Hardcover Book (imperfect)
x1 Purple Pet Creature (imperfect) 


Got any other questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us page. We'd love to help.  

Emotional Regulation Hardcover Book & Plush Bundle - (IMPERFECT)

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Customer Reviews

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Ginger Soles

Emotional Regulation Hardcover Book & Plush Bundle - (IMPERFECT)

Danielle Macreadie
Plush and book. -emotional regulation

Book and and plush came in a box that the students can decorate as a home. Well packaged and the book fits in so well into our zones of regulation. Can’t wait to use it next year with my new group of students.