Personal Reward Charts

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This resource is included in the Classroom Management Mega Bundle.

Use these reward charts to motivate your children to do their best in your classroom. Once all the dots have been filled with either a stamp or a sticker, they will receive some sort of reward - whether it’s something as simple as earning themselves some free time. 

Implementation Ideas/Suggestions 

  • As a whole class discuss the positive behaviours that Your Teacher’s Pet Creature would like to be seeing in your classroom.
  • As this is an individual reward chart, possibly speak to individual children about their goals or behaviours that they are working towards.
  • Once a reward chart has been filled, a new chart can be printed and placed on the child’s desk. 

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This resource makes up part of the overall Your Teacher’s Pet Creature Classroom Management approach to introducing positive behaviours. It works great by itself but works best when combined with the beautifully illustrated book and cute plush toy.

Customer Reviews

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I have been teaching for 34 years, currently teaching Prep to year 2 in a small farming community in Western Qld. I like to change my motivation system every term. I came across the teachers pet on Facebook and teamed it with the idea of the children earning stickers on the colourful charts, working towards them choosing their own desk pet when it was filled. I have a pet hotel filled with an assortment of small pets ( erasers from Kmart) they are aiming to collect them over the term. After the introduction of reading the book and drawing activity, I bought out Bob(my pet) out of my office. The children were so excited and continue to talk to Bob every day 3 weeks into the term. The work and behaviour standard is so high that I will continue this system for another term. Thank you for the idea and resources which are motivating my students in make good choices in their learning journey.