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    Your Teacher's Pet Creature Plush - Blue

     Your Teacher's Pet Creature makes for the perfect low maintenance classroom pet. Designed to sit perfectly on a shelf, or a desk he's always nearby for a cuddle. 

    We know he's pretty cute, so you're more than welcome to buy him all on his own. But let's be honest, he works a whole lot better when he comes with the book. You can buy them both together here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Rachel V
    Rose’s new best friend - not just for school!

    Our 6 yo loved her class’s pet so much, we bought her “Blueberry” for Christmas. Now Blueberry goes with Rose wherever she goes, and we all couldn’t be happier. And since we got Blueberry a week before Christmas, my husband & I enjoyed having Blueberry around the house, too! (without the kids).

    My husband & I have considered ordering more for ourselves, even - they just cheer us up so much!

    Blue teachers pet

    Our class loves our teachers pet and uses him whenever they have big feelings that are a bit hard the explain. I find the kids have a cuddle with 'Spike' and then are a bit more regulated to speak about what has happened.

    Harpreet Kaur
    Great tool for the positive behaviour

    Teachers pet creature is so amazing that is helping me to lead the positive behaviour in my class.

    Mark Irwin
    Pet creature

    This is the third one that I have an can’t wait for the new ones to arrive in the new year. Students love taking the creature home for the weekend and writing about it is so good.

    Wendy *
    Max, the Teacher's pet creature!

    The children in the class love Max! He is a bit like the elf on the shelf! He loves to choose a new student to sit with each day, so he flies to a new seat in the class every night!