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    How Can I Get My Students To Have Discussions Around Emotions and Feelings?

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    This product is perfect for teachers who want to help their students talk about their feelings and practice healthy regulation, coping, and conflict resolution strategies. 

    Purchase the Emotions Discussion - Spinner and Dice.

    This resource was designed with two variations, one with calming strategies and one with discussion starters. Each variation includes dice and spinners. This format invites students to engage in collaborative activities that help encourage their emotional development. 

    Emotions and Feeligngs Discussion Starters

    Why does the Emotions Discussion - Spinner and Dice help with emotional development?

    1. The calming strategy set includes feelings dice, strategies dice, (including a blank template), feelings and strategies cards that can be used to customise the blank dice, a spinner with feelings, and calming strategies (plus customisable spinner wedges). The customisable option makes it possible to personlise components to best fit your classroom environment.

    2. The discussion starter set includes feelings dice (with a blank dice template), 20 feelings cards to customise the blank dice, and 1 questions dice. The game-like format encourages repetition which is beneficial to emotional development. 

    3. The teachers guide includes all the information you need to set up the resource and introduce the activities in your classroom successfully. 

    Calming Strategy Discussion starters

    Here’s how you can useEmotions Discussion - Spinner and Dice in your classroom!

    To introduce the resource to your class, you can lead a discussion where students use the spinner or dice to pair an emotion with appropriate strategies. 

    With the discussion starters, you can use the questions on the spinner or dice to encourage students to explore different situations when they may have felt particular emotions.

    Once the students have an understanding of how to use the resource, they can roleplay or ask each other questions in pairs or small groups by spinning the spinner or rolling the dice.


    Emotions and Feeilngs discussions in Early Childhood

    How Emotions Discussion - Spinner and Dice will help with emotional development.

    Talking about emotions can be a difficult and abstract concept for young children. Using tools with concrete examples can help students make connections to their personal experiences and lives which can encourage them to participate in more meaningful discussions with their peers. These tools can also help children who have difficulty regulating their emotions. In challenging situations, they can use the spinners and dice to find strategies that will allow them to calm themselves.

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