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    How Can Emotions Journal Prompts Help Students?

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    This product is for teachers who want to encourage students to process their emotions through journaling, and have it as a record of their growth over the year. 

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    Emotions and Feelings journal for Early Childhood


    This resource was designed with a number of different questions included that allow children to explore and reflect on situations where they felt a number of different feelings and emotions. These pages can be formed into a book that can be completed throughout the year and saved by the children as a keepsake.  

    Why does theEmotions and Feelings Journal help with emotional development?

    1. Children have different options for completing their journal entries. They are able to draw their responses, write them, or both. This encourages children to express themselves in the manner they feel most comfortable.

    Emotions and Feeling Journal For Kids

    Here’s how you can use theEmotions and Feelings Journal in your classroom!

    Depending on the age group of your class, the children can either work on their journals independently or during a more structured writing lesson. You can encourage your students to complete their journals however they wish, either with pictures, words, or both.

    You choose which question children will complete or you can let children select a prompt for themselves. Provide each child with their own printed copy of the emotions and feelings journal.

    If children are willing, this writing could be shared with the class or compiled into a class journal to help lead group discussions. 

    How theEmotions and Feelings Journal will help with emotional development.

    Giving students a more creative outlet for reflection and self-expression can encourage them to be more open about talking about their emotions. Regular journaling allows children to develop a sense of self and get in touch with their feelings. By exploring the prompts and sharing responses with their peers, children will be more inclined to be empathetic and compassionate. Journals also give you as the teacher an opportunity to connect with your students and understand them on a deeper level. 

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