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    How Can You Practice Mindfulness and Grattitude In The Classroom?

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    This product is made for teachers who are interested in promoting a consistent mindfulness practice in their daily classroom routine, but don't have the time to create a new layout every day. 



    This resource features thirty different sheets that are designed to encourage children to think positively about the day ahead. There are 2 different formats provided for both individual and group reflection.   

    Why does theDaily Check-In Charts help with mindfulness?

    1. The teacher guide includes full instructions that will help you best incorporate the resource in your classroom successfully.
    2. Each check-in sheet includes a positive affirmation, kindness challenge, gratitude corner, mindful moment, and calming activity. These can be completed each day or weekly as needed.
    3. The group version can be displayed on your smartboard and completed as a whole class so students can learn how to use the sheet as a regular mindfulness practice. 

    Colourful Mindfulness and Grattidue Activity

    Here’s how you can use theDaily Check-In Charts in your classroom!

    Check-in sheets should ideally be provided in the morning. The group version can be completed using the smartboard as a whole group in the mornings. 

    If you prefer to use the individual version, students can circle or colour the emotion they are experiencing. They can revisit the sheet throughout the day as needed.

    Each sheet includes a “kindness challenge” and “gratitude corner” that students are encouraged to complete by the end of the day to practice friendship and reflection skills. A “mindful moment” and “calming activity” are also included on each sheet and can be completed as needed.

    These sheets can be collected or sent home at the end of each day to allow teachers and parents to connect with or support each child further.

    The group version can be completed using the smartboard as a whole group in the mornings. 

    Colour and Black and White Mindfulness, emotions and feelings

    How theDaily Check-In Charts will help with mindfulness.

    Checking in encourages children to reflect on their emotions at the beginning, end, and throughout the day. The kindness challenge helps children develop compassion and compassion through thoughtful acts for others. The gratitude corner gives students opportunities to reflect on their days to find positive moments. Completing it as a group can help with students' communication and cooperation skills. Enjoy the many benefits these simple yet meaningful sheets can provide for your students.   

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