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    Do You Want To Give Your Students The Benefits Of Yoga In Early Childhood?

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    Are you a teachers who wants to introduce mindfulness and yoga into an early years or primary classroom. This pack is perfect for teachers with energetic students who would benefit from more structured calming exercises.

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    This resource was created to help students regulate their emotions and calm their bodies through stretching.  

    Yoga cards and posters for early childhood


    Why does the Yoga Poses Cards & Poster Pack help with mindfulness and emotional regulation?

    1. The teacher guide provides all the information needed to introduce the resource into your classroom routine successfully.

    2. The illustrated yoga cards each depict a cute creature demonstrating a pose along with detailed step-by-step instructions to help children learn them independently.

    3. The poster features all sixteen poses with the name of the pose and picture. It can be printed as A3 or A4 and posted around the classroom as a reference. 

    Here’s how you can use Yoga Poses Cards & Poster Pack in your classroom!

    You can lead a whole class activity by introducing the yoga pose cards one by one by encouraging different students to copy each pose. Students can also be invited to take turns demonstrating a pose for the rest of the class. This can also be adapted as a small group activity.

    The poster provides a reference for students to quickly refer to throughout the day. They can match the cards with the pictures on the posters to continue practicing certain ones. The cards and poster can be used throughout the day when children need breaks, either individually, in groups, or as a whole class. With enough practice, students will need guidance less and less and learn to use the poster and card independently to develop healthy mindfulness habits. 

    With younger age groups, the instructions can be simplified.


    How Yoga Poses Cards & Poster Pack will help with mindfulness and emotional regulation.

    Yoga helps children regulate stress through movement and controlled breathing while developing better body and spatial awareness. Yoga also gives children a healthy outlet to cope with challenging moments in the classroom and incorporate exercise into their school day.

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