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    What are CHAMPS posters and how can they help my classroom?

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    This printable poster pack is designed for teachers who are familiar with or want to use the CHAMPS classroom management method. The editable champs poster pack is appropriate for both upper and lower primary teachers who want to support their students' behaviour in a positive and highly visual way.

    If you're looking for CHAMPS classroom posters for primary or middle school you've come to the right place. 


    We made this resource to provide students with colourful CHAMPS references to help them remember each letter and its context (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success).  


    Champs printable posters for the classroom

    Why does the CHAMPS Poster Pack help with classroom management?

    1. The teacher guide provides a walkthrough for anyone unfamiliar with CHAMPS.

    2. The posters and coloured arrows are attention-grabbing behaviour references that your students can easily refer to throughout the school year.

    3. Both lower and upper primary versions are included (one with images and one without). They are both editable to allow you to customise them to your school and class environment.

    CHAMPS poster word edition

      Here’s how you can use “CHAMPS Poster Pack” in your classroom!

      You can use the poster to discuss the different letters of CHAMPS and what they mean (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success). This gives students an opportunity to explore each of the aspects and brainstorm when each situation could occur by thinking of examples.

      The version with images is intended for lower years to assist with identifying each aspect while the version without images is intended for the upper years.

      Place these posters in your classroom as an ongoing reminder of the expectations of the classroom and revisit them as necessary.

      Visual CHAMPS posters


      How CHAMPS Poster Pack will help with classroom management.

      This poster pack provides bright and colourful references for students that help remind them of classroom expectations and help them reflect and redirect themselves independently throughout the school year. 

      You can learn more about CHAMPS and how to use it in the classroomhere andhere.

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