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    How Can I Use Social Stories To Teach Social Skills?

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    This pack of social stories is perfect for teachers whose students are exploring fundamental social skills such as taking turns, sharing, cooperation, problem-solving, and helping others and many other social literacy toipcs. If you're wondering how you can use social stories to teach social skills, then you've come to the right place. 


    We created this resource to provide students with examples of relevant situations that mirror their real-world experiences. By doing so, students are better able to make connections to their everyday life so that they can develop their social skills more independently. 

    How to teach social skills with social stores in the classroom


    How do the social stories help students develop social skills?

    1. The short stories include an introduction, discussion questions, and activities. This helps students easily follow along with the story and gives them opportunities to reflect and explore roleplay scenarios with their peers.

    2. The editable Publisher version of all 50 stories allows you to rename the characters after students, superheroes, etc as well as alter the text to be more relevant to your class.

    3. The teacher guide is an easy-to-follow outline that walks you through activities and class discussions with little preparation. 


    Social stories examples on green background

    Here’s How You can use “Social Skills- Social Stories Pack” in your classroom!

    You can complete the stories in order, or you can select the ones that are most relevant as you go through the school year. The stories are written to allow space for students to ask questions, reflect on the situations presented, and discuss questions with each other. The stories are also flexible in that they can be read as a narrative or as skits with student role-playing in character.

    At the end of each story, there is an activity that can be completed either as a whole class or in small groups. Each story can be completed in a single session and can also be revisited throughout the school year when relevant. 

    The stories can be printed out together as a booklet or individually to share with students. 

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    How Social Stories Pack will help with students' social development.

    The Social Stories Pack is an excellent tool for any early years or lower elementary classroom. The stories are short and engaging for younger learners. The scenarios in the stories are relevant to students which helps them make connections to their daily lives. This pack will help illustrate abstract concepts like problem-solving, saying sorry, and using manners. Using this resource will help give your students realistic references that will help them develop their social skills more independently.

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