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    How to Teach Zones Of Regulation In The Classroom With The Zones Of Regulation Toolbook

    by Maria Denholm 2 min read

    This product is designed for teachers who are in need of a classroom solution that will help students better understand their emotions and coping strategies, and to assist thosestudents who need a little bit of extra help to manage or understand their emotions.

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    We made this resource to help students with big emotions identify their feelings and implement healthy calming strategies, both with the help of their teacher and independently.


    Zones Of Regulation Toolbook


    Why does this zone of regulation pack help students develop emotional awareness?

    1. The poster gives a visual reference for younger learners who can use the pictures to understand and identify their feelings. It can also be understood by emerging readers because of the accessible, easy-to-read font and words.

    2. Students can use the "I feel..." label to physically select which zone they are in which can begin a deeper discussion about their emotions. Allowing the student to identify which zone they are in can give them a chance to self-reflect and think about why they are feeling that way.

    3. The individual tool book and tracker allows students to explore their emotions individually and select the calming strategies that are most relevant to them. This helps give students a sense of ownership and responsibility which can better encourage them to implement the strategies independently.

    4. Having opportunities to identify and talk about emotions can help students develop confidence and self-esteem.


    Zones of Regulation Toolbook

    Here’s How You can use “Zones of Regulation Pack” in your classroom!

    Print the colourful poster and display it on your classroom wall as a reference to assist your students, and begin the convesation around how to with identifying which zone they are in and which emotion they are feeling. The individual tracker can be laminated and placed on your students’ desks so they can identify how they are feeling throughout the day, either independently or with teacher support.

    The zones tool book can be laminated and assembled by cutting, punching holes, and attaching a ribbon to keep it together. Students can then swap the various strategies provided as their emotions change and fluctuate. The individual emotion and calming strategy squares are best attached using velcro dots. 

    How Zones of Regulation Pack will help with students' emotional development.

    The Zones of Regulation Pack is a useful addition to any early years or lower elementary classroom. The poster can be displayed in your circle time center, on your teacher's desk, classroom door, or any other prominent space for quick reference. Keeping it visible will help your students build a habit of checking in with themselves and each other about their emotions.

    How are you feeling pster


    The individual tool book and tracker will help students who need extra support keep track of their emotions and calming strategies throughout the days and weeks on their own. This will help them build positive habits at their own pace. Using this resource will help your students with their emotional development as well as their independence. 

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